Ensuring worker safety and protection

When safety is your highest concern, you need to be able to count on effective, trustworthy technical yarns. The FilSpecTM team works in collaboration with your technical experts in order to develop and produce the yarn best suited to your needs, using the best possible blend of fibres and our most rigorous spinning techniques. We make certain to deliver a high-quality product that matches your specifications.

Whether you make fabrics for the military, the oil, gas, or mining industry, public services (fire departments) or any other specific need that involves personal protection, FilSpecTM can produce the type of yarn that meets your expectations and will adhere to the quality standards that your job demands.

FilSpecTM works with recognized protective fibres like Para-Aramids (Kevlar®, Twaron®), Meta-Aramids (Nomex®, Conex®), FR Viscose (Lenzing®FR), Modacrylics (Protex® and other types), Polybenzimideazole (P.B.I.), pre-oxidized PAN (Pyron®) combined with antistatic fibres like Beltron® and Resistat®.





FilSpecTM offers a wide variety of high-performance yarns to meet the needs of manufacturers of gloves and protective sleeves. If your company manufactures athletic gloves or industrial protective gloves, we can create the type of yarn that will best meet your requirements. We develop effective solutions for your particular needs.

We use several types of fibres like Thermolite®, Coolmax®, Kevlar®, Twaron®, KutPro®, yarns with cores that incorporate Spandex, fibreglass, and stainless steel filaments (see the FAQ section for more information).