More than 60 years of expertise in the field of specialized textile yarn

FilSpecTM has been a world leader in manufacturing high-performance technical yarns for more than 60 years. Its history goes back to 1954 with Filature Domil, an integrated manufacturer from spinning to finishing cotton and polyester fabric for bedding and for shirt and dress fabrics. At the time, the company was a division of one of North America’s largest textile manufacturers, the Dominion Textile group. Over the years, the Domil plant left the weaving business to specialize in spinning.

In 1994, when Dominion decided to sell its yarn division to Cavalier Textiles, Cavalier continued to produce and sell yarns. They underwent a period of prosperity until clothing imports began to spike, around 2003, which decimated the Canadian textile market and substantially reduced their customer base.

After this occurred, in 2004, FilSpecTM was created. Over the past few years, the spinning company gradually built its reputation back up, focusing primarily on technical yarns found in various specialized blends, and thereby constantly adapting to its customers’ needs.