For performance in total comfort

Today, fans of sports in the outdoors demand textiles that combine comfort, quality, and more recent technical innovations that will allow them to excel in whatever their passion is. Our product line is perfect for a wide variety of athletic wear: Jogging, tennis, golf, cycling, climbing, and many others.

FilSpecTM offers you a range of well-known, recognized fibres such as Coolmax®Lycra®, Spandex®, X-Static®, Ecosure®, Outlast®, Dralon® (in combination or not with natural fibres like linen, cotton, or wool), which will make it easier to bring your product to market while enhancing your clothing lines.




FilSpecTM uses high-performance polyesters, an ingenious blending technique, and a unique spinning method in order to offer the most effective spinning technology for manufacturing stockings.

Our team will provide its know-how and experience in order to provide you with the perfect yarn to meet your needs.