Specialized, innovative, high-performance technical yarns for more than 60 years

FILSPEC is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of high-performance technical textile yarns tailored to customer needs. We produce, from natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers, including aramids, a wide variety of fiber compositions and blends to create technical textile yarns intended for the military, medical, industrial, automotive, aeronautical and worker protection sectors, sports clothing.

We serve an industrial customer base that includes manufacturers of protective and athletic clothing, gloves, stockings, textiles for the automotive and aeronautics markets, for outdoor furniture, etc. using knitters, weavers, manufacturers of narrow fabrics and ropes, dyeing mills, twisting companies, and sewing thread manufacturers.

Our guarantee of excellence is made possible through the dedicated commitment of our teams of technicians and professionals who constantly worked on researching and developing quality yarns and producing them as well. FilSpecTM stands out for its flexibility, speed, on-time deliveries, cutting-edge technologies, and customer service unmatched anywhere in the industry.

In order to develop reliable, innovative solutions for its clients, FilSpecTM is proud to work closely with the leading fibre manufacturers. We aim to offer increasingly innovative technical yarns, designed to the specific needs of our clients, and we make them using different spinning technologies: