Understanding the challenges of each sector

No matter what sector of business you work in, FilSpecTM can design technical yarns that will meet your particular needs. We make sure to offer you a high-quality finished product that can handle any challenge.




Seat cover fabrics, sheet metal/welders workers uniform fabrics, protective gloves, retractable car roofs, engine hoses.


Chemical, raw material, transport, wood industry, etc.

Protective gloves, protective uniforms, headgear, ropes, equipment covers (ESD, EMI shields, UV protection), special undergarments.



Awnings, bed/matress fire protection wrappers, outdoor furniture.



Seat cover fabrics.


Food Industry

Protective gloves (thermal and cut protection), headgear, uniforms.



Compression stockings, uniforms for medical staff, uniforms for first responders, hospital bed smart fabrics with sensors, smocks.


wearable intelligence

Smart fabrics, connected clothing, printable yarns (for printable electronics), various practical applications e.g. medical garments and military gear.



Military uniforms, firefighter uniforms, police and security officer uniforms, gloves, narrow textiles, high vis, smart fabrics with sensors, special undergarments.


Athletic wear

Gloves, stockings, athletic wear (t-shirts, leggings, headgear, etc.), special undergarments.



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