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FilSpec™ has developed pioneering specialized technical yarns to meet the needs of different sectors. With these smart yarns, our customers’ products have considerable added value. Our yarns are laboratory-tested and their properties are proven, which guarantees an efficient, reliable, and competitive product for our customers.



Thermal management, comfort, sports performance.

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Cut and abrasion resistance, comfort, durability, and protection for workers and athletes.

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FireFilTM and FireFilTM

Protection against flames and sparks, tear resistance, moisture control, comfort, protection for firefighters and welders.

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Flame protection, strength and durability, comfort for all types of workers.

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A 100% durable fibre made from natural materials.

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FilSpec™ products are developed by our R&D team located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. By choosing our products, you get solutions of the highest quality produced in North America which meet the stringent Canadian and US standards.

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