Innovative solutions for the industrial sector

Industrial workers require effective equipment that protects them from the various hazards of their working environment.

Using mixtures of specialty textile fibres, FilSpecTM can provide the industrial sector with components for designing protective clothing and appropriate supplies: humidity management, thermal protection, flame resistance and cut resistance, filtration fabrics, etc.

FilSpecTM has also developed products for the chemical industry, raw materials processing industries, transportation (car and truck makers), flame-proof materials, coating and laminating applications, and the alternative energy industry (wind farms).



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solutions for:

  • Protective gloves
  • Protective uniforms
  • Headgear
  • Ropes
  • Equipment covers (ESD, EMI, Shields, UV Protection)
  • Special undergarments
  • Filtration fabrics
  • Etc.

Protective gloves


FilSpecTM offers a wide variety of high-performance yarns to meet the needs of manufacturers of gloves and protective sleeves.

If your company manufactures industrial protective gloves, we can create the type of yarn that will best meet your requirements. We develop effective solutions for your particular needs.

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