Resistance aux flammes

For fireproof and protective textiles

Flame protection is necessary for protecting workers in various industrial sectors, but also for some public-sector employees. FilSpecTM uses various combinations of fibres to offer solutions adapted to the various applications of the textiles produced by its clients.

Examples of commonly used fibres and compositions

  • 100 % Nomex® IIIA
  • Meta-aramid: Nomex®, Conex and blends 
    (natural and colors)
  • Modacrylics 
    (Protex®, Kanecaron® and other types)
  • Nomex® T-450 
  • Nomex®/Kevlar/PBI
  • Nomex®/modacrylic
  • P.B.I.® and blends
  • P84®
  • Para-aramid/fibreglass
  • Para-aramid/Spandex
  • Polyester: fr polyester
  • PPS: Procon®, Torcon™
  • Protex® M/Lenzing® FR
  • Torcon®XHT 
  • Viscose: FR viscose



Exclusive FILSPECTM Products

Discover FireFilTM and FireFilTM welders

Our R&D team has developed a fibreglass core yarn that is flame resistant, cut resistant and tear resistant.

Discover this product 



FireFil Welding

FireFilTM has been adapted to meet the specific needs of welders exposed to sparks and molten-hot metal shavings.

FireFilTM Welding is a coated glass-core yarn designed to both protect welders and improve their comfort.

With its moisture-wicking properties, the fabric made with FireFilTM feels comfortable against the skin and can be used to produce coveralls or protective aprons.

“My coveralls are light and comfortable. I’ve worn them in a lot of different conditions and they passed the test every time. They’re much more breathable than my old coveralls, which will be
- Marcellin, welder at Normex Métal.


Constantly changing

In collaboration with its suppliers, FilSpecTM continuously searches for fibres and materials that make it possible to develop the best compositions that will ensure you better performance in keeping with your needs. Contact us to learn about the many options available.

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