Promoting innovation at the MIT MD5 Advanced Fabric Hackathon

Promoting innovation at the MIT MD5 Advanced Fabric Hackathon

From July 28 to 30, at the MIT Media Lab of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was held the Advanced Fabric Hackathon organized by the American group MD5. This organization brings together entrepreneurs and innovators to promote the development of new technologies for the national defence sector.

FilSpec participated as an event partner and technical mentor in the Hackathon whose theme and objective was the use of textile technologies to develop a prototype for emergency situations, such as natural disasters or armed conflict. The proposed solution had to either facilitate training, improve medical triage, protect against environmental factors or be used to come to the aid of victims.  

Our representatives supported participating teams in the development of their prototype. We witnessed the launch of many interesting projects, such as an anti-cut vest that offers military personnel comfortable protection against the elements (ex. : sand) as well as from attack.

We are proud to collaborate on projects of innovation and technological development, which are at the heart of our priorities. Congratulations to all participants!

Anti-cut vest prototype

Hackathon partners

To find out more about this event, go to the MIT communiqué.



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