Resistance aux coupures

For maximum protection against cuts

Industrial and athletic workers sometimes need to carry out tasks that involve cutting hazards. FilSpecTM has produced several fibre blends to create technical yarns that make the fabric both strong and comfortable.

Examples of commonly used fibres and compositions

  • Kevlar/polyester
  • Para-aramid/fibreglass
  • Para-aramid/Spandex
  • Polyester/fibreglass 
    (resistance to minor cuts)
  • UHMWPE/fibreglass
  • steel core



Exclusive FilSpecTM products

Discover SteelFilTM

Our R&D team has developed a revolutionary yarn made of a combination of steel and softer fibers for protection, style and added comfort.

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Constantly changing

In collaboration with its suppliers, FilSpecTM continuously searches for fibres and materials that make it possible to develop the best compositions that will ensure you better performance in keeping with your needs. Contact us to learn about the many options available.

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