Sherbrooke, May the 17th, 2022 – FilSpec, Inc., a leader in manufacturing high
performance technical yarns, is pleased to announce a major investment to
modernize its production at the Sherbrooke plant.

The new investment will include the installation of state of the art automated ring
spinning frames and additional Vortex spinning frames especially designed for
technical yarns. This is phase one of the plan to increase and upgrade our
existing manufacturing equipment.

The installation will improve the quality and production efficiency as well as
improve the work environment for our employees. It will also support the never
ending innovation of technical yarn with new electronic controls and modern
machinery design which improves manufacturing flexibility.

‘’Our customers rely on us to keep producing high quality yarns that can be used
in their specialized technical products and that investment is our commitment to
them that they can count on FilSpec not only now, but also for many years to
come’’, said Sebastien Couture, Vice President Innovation.

FilSpec develops and manufactures a broad range of technical yarns used in
protective garments for industrial, medical, and fire protection using high
performance fibers. Through extensive research and development FilSpec has
created yarns that improve cut resistance, comfort, and flame resistance.

“Our privately held ownership has made a substantial commitment to not only
increase capacity but also update our facility with the most modern equipment
available today. Our goal is to create the most modern spinning facility in North
America to continue to serve the high performance technical spun yarn industry.
It is an extremely exciting time for FilSpec and we are committed to the future of
our operation”, said Eric Barker, Vice President Sales.

27 mai 2022